Meet our staff


Tyreke Dillahunt, Administrative Assistant & Reception

Tyreke joined the Freedom Fund in August 2018. Tyreke is African-American and Puerto Rican, born and raised in Harlem. Tyreke has a background in social work. In his free time, he likes to play Fortnite and Call of Duty. Tyreke's goal is to see a community without social, political, and economic issues that affect low-income families and people of color. 


Ramel Edwards, Queens Client Advocate

Ramel joined the Freedom Fund in February 2018. As the Queens Client Advocate, he helps handle client referrals, meets with clients before and after bail is paid, and provides pretrial support. Ramel is a Bronx native who loves getting involved with community issues and speaking up when a problem goes unnoticed. Ramel likes to listen to RnB and play basketball.


Jolie Maya-Altshulter, Weekend Court Advocate

Jolie has been the Weekend Court Advocate since May 2017. She spends her Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays posting bail for people at arraignments at Bronx Criminal Court, as well as at Rikers Island and "The Boat." Jolie looks forward to eventually living in a world without prisons and jails, but, in the meantime, is happy helping post bail for people with the Freedom Fund.


Sara Rahimi, Administrative Associate

Sara has been the Administrative Associate at the Freedom Fund since June 2017. They focus on data retention and analytics, and centralizing office operations. Sara has a background in feminist youth social justice work, mobilizing students to combat institutions of oppression in their lives and schools. As a queer person of Persian Jewish descent, Sara is passionate about meeting people where they’re at. 


Clinton Washington, Client Advocate

Clinton has been a Client Advocate since April 2017. He helps people find work, healthcare, educational opportunities, childcare, training programs, drug harm reduction resources, and more. After clients find stability, Clinton continues to help them create a network of success. His aim is to help facilitate the growth of former clients into future Client Advocates. Clinton is passionate about helping people become self-sufficient and their own abolitionists.



Elena Weissmann, Director

Elena Weissmann joined the Freedom Fund in July 2016 and has advocated for hundreds of people navigating the bail system. As the Director, Elena oversees the Freedom Fund's partnerships and growth, and deepens its role as an advocacy organization. She manages policy advocacy, outreach, and storytelling initiatives to dismantle the cash bail system and promote decarceration. Elena is passionate about using story  to drive social change. 


Yonah Zeitz, Project Associate

Yonah Zeitz joined the Freedom Fund in September 2017. He facilitates bail payments, helps connect clients to service providers, and engages in policy advocacy and community outreach to help dismantle our racist and classist carceral system. Yonah is committed to empowering individuals who face challenges from the criminal justice system and is dedicated to making their voices heard in the bail reform movement. Yonah envisions a society that addresses social, political, and economic issues without incarceration.