We’re Bronx Freedom Fund. Every day, we fight for the rights of people who are kept in jail because they cannot afford bail. Want to help us in this fight? Here’s how.

People we can bail out this year

People who still need our help every year

There are 1,700 more people each year in the South Bronx who need our support. Will you help us keep them with their families and out of jail.

Just $39 will help us secure someone’s freedom.

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Unlike other charities, your donation is going into a nonprofit with a revolving fund--meaning that our bail payments will continue to have a long-term impact after their first use. But in order to serve the thousands of people who need our services right now, we need your continual support. 

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Dollar Bail Brigade

Right now, people are sitting in NYC jails because they either cannot afford to or are not allowed to pay $1 dollar bail. That's right: one dollar. Sign up to pay dollar bail in NYC jails here

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The majority of New Yorkers (and Americans, really) have no idea that thousands of innocent people are currently sitting in jails simply because they are poor. Help spread awareness of this critical issue by sharing the recent John Oliver piece on bail funds.