What is the Dollar Bail Brigade? 

Due to the NYC criminal justice system’s archaic software, people are detained all the time in New York for just one dollar. Even if the accused person can afford it, they are not allowed to pay their own bail.

That’s how broken the system is.

The Dollar Bail Brigade is a coalition of volunteers the Freedom Fund partners with. They pay people’s one dollar bails in their spare time.

How does the Dollar Bail Brigade work?

Every month, you pick your own on-duty hours when you’re free to pay dollar bail. When the Dollar Bail Brigade learns that a dollar bail has been set during your on-duty hours, they call you.

If you’re free, you're given the required information about the person you’re bailing out. You commute to whichever NYC jail is closest to you, fill out that information, and pay the one dollar bail. Sign up below!

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Sign-Up Next Steps: 

1) Join the DBB Google Group. Once your membership is approved, you'll find all the resources you need to be a DBB volunteer in the welcome message. 

2) Download the DBB training guide, How to Pay Bail in New York City.  This is the main reference tool that you'll follow on your shifts.

Then you're all set!